Excel Therapy O2   

A new line designed for a new generation of women who feel comfortable with their age and, like you, wish to take care of themselves in an "intelligent" way.

The first skin care treatment line with cytokines and oxygen that protects your skin against environmental stress and delays skin ageing.

The key to Excel Therapy O2 lies in Cytokines and Oxygen, two ingredients that help the skin re-establish its cellular functions, providing it with the necessary mechanisms to combat skin ageing.

The formulation of Excel Therapy O2 is based on the combination of two cutting-edge ingredients:

This is the time to activate and reinforce skin defences with Excel Therapy O2 to prevent and stop the process of premature ageing.

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Available Products
  • $940.00
    Et 02 Cont Def Ess Youthful Emuls 50ml
  • $486.00
    Et O2 Ess Youthful Eye- Cont Cream 15ml
  • $465.00
    Et O2 Comfort And Youth- Fullness Cleansing Milk
  • $429.00
    Et O2 Comfort & Youth- Fulness Toning Lotion
  • $445.00
    Et O2 Facial Cleansing Exfoliating Foam 150ml
  • $634.00
    Excel Therapy O2 Silky Scrub Delicate Exfol. Pow
  • $434.00
    Exc O2 Uv Urban Shield Spf 50 30ml
  • $1,002.00
    Exc O2 Vict Spring Yo Emu50ml+cust 15 17
  • $659.00
    Exc O2 1st Essence-defences Activat.30ml
  • $480.00
    Exc O2 Secret Mist- Beauty Mist 30 Ml
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