NATURAE, the greenest cosmetics that offers interesting solutions, both professional and for use at home, for our clients, more sensitised to the "green revolution".
"Pamper your skin, take care of your planet"

The growing concern about the climate change, the use of polluting products and even the side effects of certain synthetic ingredients used in different products, are some of the reasons that have set off the passion for ecological care products.

In our planet, the trend is the return to a world with a more natural, "greener" life. "Green" is in vogue. And it isn't only a passing vogue, but the expression of a society that is aware of the effort and the benefits for the planet of actions as simple as caring for our environment.

Naturae is fragranced with a fresh and natural fragrance from essential oils of sweet almond, orange-blossom, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, etc.

Facial and body organic cosmetic line, professional and retail, manufactured with no chemical additives, parabens or artificial preservatives, that helps to maintain the health and well-being of our skin and our planet.

Available Products
  • $363.00
    Natu. Hydrating Toning Lotion Lotion 200ml
  • $460.00
    Natu. Multi-prot Wh Tea Facial Cream 50ml
  • $496.00
    Natu. Int Mult-prot Wh Tea Mask 150ml
  • $434.00
    Natu. Mult-pro Nourish Body Cream 200ml
  • $624.00
    Natu. Nect Whi Tea Mass Concentrate 50ml
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