Henriette Faroche   

Henriëtte Faroche has an extensive skin care range and all the products and treatments have one thing in common: the force of nature. Henriëtte Faroche works with 100% natural essential oils from the Faromatique range. These oils are pure extracts from plants and flowers with a very intensive effect.

Henriëtte Faroche brought exactly those essential oils together which take care of cell regeneration and bring solutions for specific skin problems. The ancient science of purely natural products in combination with the latest and most modern skin care knowledge.

The success of Henriëtte Faroche is based on one main factor: the range enables the beautician to offer very personal, customised treatments and products. The extensive skin care range has products for all types of skin and also has very special care products that can be used alongside each product range.

The force of nature is the force of Henriëtte Faroche.