Active Age Anti-Rides   

This ceramide range is specifically intended for the dry/sensitive, more mature skin. As people get older, the skin structure becomes slacker, looser skin folds are formed and this results in wrinkle formation. The relief of the skin and the pores become coarser, the epidermis has a network of fine cracks and as a result of this there is a moisture shortage. The ceramides contained in these creams are the skins own substances and this means that they can penetrate into the deeper skin layers and can work intensively on the points mentioned above.

For home use the range consists of 3 different 24-hour creams: hydrating cream, anti-ageing cream and cell regenerating cream. In addition, the range includes a correcting anti-wrinkle cream that should be applied directly on the wrinkle. As a special treatment there are Active Age anti-wrinkle eye pads that smooth away lines and wrinkles around the eyes. In addition to the cleansing products in the Integral range different cleansing products are available that have been designed for your skin type. Products from the Intense range are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.

Available Products
  • $394.00
    Active Age Anti-rides 24h Hyd. Cr.- Dry Sk 50ml
  • $409.00
    Active Age Anti-rides 24h Anti-age. Cr.- Tired Sk
  • $424.00
    Active Age Anti-rides 24h Cell-restor. Cr.- Dam. S
  • $256.00
    Vit-a-correct Wrinkle Filler 15ml
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