The Matifiante range has been designed specially for the greasy/impure skin. This skin type is characterised by excess fat removal due to too much sebaceous matter. The result of this is a shiny skin, open pores, skin irritations and spots. This skin type requires intensive consistent care.

For home use the range consists of a Matifiante 24-hour cream and a Matifiante concentrate. The Matifiante cleansing milk and lotion are for cleaning your skin. Products from the Intense range are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.

Available Products
  • $204.00
    Matifiante Cleansing Milk - Oily Skin 200ml
  • $204.00
    Matifiante Tonic - Oily Skin 200ml
  • $194.00
    Matifiante 24h Cream - Oily Skin 50ml
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