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Because of the advanced protection offered by modern sun products, the opinions on the negative effects of the sun on the skin are milder nowadays. Sunlight also has a number of positive effects. It boosts the production of Vitamin D, has a positive effect on skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema and stimulates the blood circulation and the forming of haemoglobin and melanin. Of course, the sun gives you a healthy colour and makes you feel nice and relaxed which gives you new energy.

UV Radiation

As is the case with many things, if they are preceded by 'too much' they will not do you any good. 'Too much' sun is therefore not good for your skin. This is to do with the UV radiation that can cause burning of the skin. When sun bathing, it is important to start with a high SPF and as the tanning process continues, a lower SPF may be used. The extent to which sun products give protection is indicated by an SPF factor. Factor 6 means, for example, that you can stay in the sun six times longer without burning than if you were not using any sun cream.

Irrespective of which factor you use, it is still necessary to reapply every 2 hours. The skin type table shows which factor is suitable for your skin type.

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