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Products that beauty professionals can combine according to their skin analysis to create totally personalized treatments.

Options Hydration

Products formulated under the new HYDRA-SYSTEM concept that instantly hydrates the skin and increases the capacity for retaining and reserving water inside the cells. Also, it strengthens the skin, improves its resistance against U.V. rays, sudden temperature changes and oxidative processes.

Options Balancing

Products formulated with a new combination of highly effective ingredients, amongst which is the exclusive Control Complex, an association of zinc salts, plant extracts and Vitamin B8 that act synergisticaly to balance and normalise the skin's sebum level, work against pore blockage and reduce inflammation and bacterial growth.

Options Anti-Ageing

Products based on the re-densifying power of active Isoflavones, which are very effective on dryness, wrinkles and flaccidity. These properties are complemented by the nourishing and protective properties of an exclusive combination of plant oils called the "Skin Re-lipidation System" capable of compensating for the lack of lipids that is very frequent in mature skin.

Available Products
  • $419.00
    Essential Makeup Removal Milk 200ml
  • $419.00
    Essential Toning Lotion 200ml
  • $358.00
    Balancing Makeup Rem Gel 200ml
  • $358.00
    Balancing Purifying Lot 200ml
  • $542.00
    Balance Sk Duo New Options 200
  • $629.00
    Comfort Skin Duo New Options 200ml
  • $629.00
    Silky Skin Duo New Options 200ml
  • $312.00
    Custom Mask Extra-vitality Exfoli 50ml
  • $312.00
    Custom Mask Anti-stress Hydrating 50ml
  • $312.00
    Custom Mask Energising Detox 50ml
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