A revolutionary daily care formulated with natural ingredients and tailor-made to the needs of oily, normal and combination skin.

A simple daily care, just a few minutes, and regular facial hygiene at your favourite beauty salon or spa are the key to turning any skin into beautiful and healthy skin.

Cosmetic objective: oily skin every day more pure and matt. Free of imperfections. Normal skin and skin with a tendency to dryness every day more supple and radiant.

Germaine de Capuccini presents PUREXPERT. Its different formulas constitute a universal, and at the same time personalised, treatment for the more youthful skin, either oily, normal or combination.

With the Germaine de Capuccini 1-2-3 Purexpert Programmes in just a few minutes you will help to maintain your skin free of imperfections, premature wrinkles and dilated pores.

  1. Cleanse. To achieve pure and matt skin. Prepares the skin for the following steps.
  2. Renew. Essential for eliminating dead cells from the skin.
  3. Hydrate. To restore the skin its smooth, healthy appearance and a better protection against external aggression.

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Available Products
  • $353.00
    Purex Refiner Essence Oily Skin 200ml
  • $388.00
    Purex Oil-free Hydro-mat Gel-cream 50ml
  • $312.00
    Purex Extra-comfort Cleansing Gel 125ml
  • $337.00
    Purex Refiner Essence Normal Skin 200ml
  • $368.00
    Purex No-stress Hydrating Cream 50ml
  • $327.00
    Purex Anti-imp Soap-free Dermo Cleanser
  • $327.00
    Purex Roll-on Spot Sos Solution 15ml
  • $368.00
    Purex Exfol Dermo-purifying Mask 75ml
  • $419.00
    Purex Special Set Nor-com Skin 1-2-3
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