Timexpert C+   

Anti-Ageing Vital Energy

The new anti-ageing line based on the rejuvenating power of vitamin C, an excellent natural ingredient that, combined with the most innovative technology, has made possible an effective advance to prevent and correct the signs of ageing.

Vitamin C exercises four essential functions of the skin: Antioxidising, Regeneration, Hydration, Illumination and Balancing.

Advanced formula Vitamin C+, Orange Concentrate, Ascorbyl PM, SPF 10, Orange Wax

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  • $169.00
    T.c+ Pure C Essence Serum Coral 4x6ml
  • $1,032.00
    T C+ Prom Handbag (emul50ml+se 4x6ml)int
  • $1,032.00
    T C+ Prom Handbag(cr 50 Ml+se 4x6ml)int
  • $470.00
    T.c+(age)corr & Express Lum Eye Cont15ml
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