SollaLight - Laser Skin Rejuvenation   

All the benefits of a chemical peel - without all the chemicals or the harmful side effects.

Using safe, proven technology, SollaLight redefines what laser skin treatments are all about. SollaLight's dramatic exfoliation brightens your complexion and evens your tone without harsh acids or abrasive scrubs. SollaLight's pure, clean laser light removes your skin's tough, dull outer layer to reveal younger skin beneath. Best of all, the SollaLight laser peel deeply exfoliates your skin for lasting results* you can see and enjoy right away.

SollaLight laser peel gently exfoliates all skin types and colors.

SollaLight Results on signs of ageing: - Before and After 4 treatments.

SollaLight Results on signs of ageing

SollaLight Results on sun-damaged skin

*In clinical findings, skin continued to show noticeable benefits up to six months after SollaLight treatment. Individual results may vary.