480832 – T SRNS CREAM PRO60 + REPAIR15 + BI-PHA125

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1. T SRNS PRO60+

“Proud of the history of my skin”

Sublime cream with a rich and silky texture designed for women who, full of vitality, claim maturity as the best stage in their life. Real women, without fear of ageing, who bet on a true beauty and proudly show the “good signs of ageing”.

Multiple action for the most demanding skin PRO 60+ offers an intensive response to the 5 challenges that skin in full maturity is faced with:

  • Skin dryness and lack of comfort
  • Incapacity of defence and regeneration
  • Flaccidity
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Darkspots and dull skin

Unique anti-ageing action based on the science of epigenetics.

What is epigenetics?

The skin’s micro-relief is smoothed, wrinkles are softened and skin suppleness and tone increases.

Indicated for:
Skin of 60 years onwards. Dry or very dry mature skin. Skin with hormone deficiency typical of menopause.

2. Synchronised recovery booster

A serum with a high concentration of anti-oxidising ingredients (more than 50%) that works synchronised with the protection and repair processes the skin presents day and night.

With a melting and silky texture, Repair night progress is capable of reinforcing and regenerating aged skin. It immediately becomes firmer, more hydrated, luminous, visibly youthful and beautiful.

Repair night progress is an essential gesture that amplifies and prolongs the results of other Germaine de Capuccini anti-ageing treatments.

Indicated for
All skin types and all ages.


A highly effective bi-phase formula that gently and quickly eliminates eye and lip make-up, even if it is long lasting or waterproof.

Indicated for
It is ideal for all skin types, sensitive eyes, as well as for contact lens wearers. Perfume-free.

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