Innovative Chemical Peels

370008Glycocure Intensive Renewing At Home Peel System$965.00$482.50


An avant-garde approach for working against expression lines and wrinkles.

530424Timexpert Rides X-Cell Retinage Filler Serum 50ml$1,020.00$510.00
531162Timexpert Rides Absolute Nourishment Elixir 30ml$565.00$282.50
390004Timexpert Rides Supreme Cream Pack$1,975.00$790.00
390005Timexpert Rides Rich Cream Pack$1,925.00$770.00
390006Timexpert Rides Soft Cream Pack$1,925.00$770.00


Expert dermo-cosmetic response for sensitive skin.

400002B-Calm Fund. Moisturizing Cream (Light) 50ml$755.00$377.50


Aimed at protecting the skin from dehydration and climatic excesses all day long.

470015Hydracure Promo Pack for Very Dry Skin$695.00$278.00


Anti-Ageing Day and Night Repair and Protection

480699Timexpert SRNS High Repair Hands & Décolletage 75ml$765.00$382.50
480826Timexpert SRNS Pro60+ Cream Pack with Eye Cream and Vitamin C$1,150.00$460.00


Firmness, luminosity and youthfulness

560865Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) Express Eye Contour Cream 15ml$460.00$230.00


Anti-age care created especially for dull skin with hyperpigmentation

570571Timexpert White Spot Correction Cream Pack with TLIFT(IN) Eye Cream$880.00$352.00

SynergyAge Clinical

A prestigious, clinically advanced line of products on the borderline between medicine and skincare.

580108SynergyAge Full Lashes 8ml$505.00$252.50

For Men

Products for caring for, protecting and preserving the youthfulness of men’s skin

680051For Men Eye Contour Solutions 15ml$360.00$180.00
680068For Men Anti-Fatigue Serum 50ml$545.00$272.50
680440For Men Energy Extreme Mask 50ml$390.00$195.00
680504For Men Force Revive Youth. Concentrate 50ml$765.00$382.50
680926For Men Pack w/ Force Revive Cream and Cool Scrub$855.00$342.00
680927For Men Pack w/ Powerage and Cool Scrub$805.00$322.00


Stop, Breathe, Relax - Health for the skin and emotional well-being

750309Sperience Cinnamon Ambiance Candle$450.00$225.00
750316Sperience Rosemary Ambience Candle$450.00$225.00
750334Sperience Bath Oil Relax 100ml$355.00$177.50
750341Sperience Bath Oil Vitality 100ml$355.00$177.50
750372Sperience Silk Body Lotion Relax 200ml$305.00$152.50
750389Sperience Silk Body Lotion Vitality 200ml$305.00$152.50
750440Sperience Moment Pack$565.00$226.00

Golden Caresse

Ultra-protective anti-ageing treatments to work against the harmful effects of the sun.

880994Sun Milk for Children SPF30 75ml$260.00$130.00
881137Sunlight Gloss SPF10 15ml$270.00$135.00
881331GC Sun Cream Universal Anti-Age Protection SPF30 50ml$480.00$240.00
881571Tan. Magnificent Booster 30ml$475.00$237.50

Options Universe

Covers all basic treatment needs for all skin types

760012Oily Skin Lotion 200ml$320.00$160.00
760067Total Comfort Lotion$370.00$185.00
760074High Tolerance Lotion$310.00$155.00
760081Eye Makeup Remover$215.00$107.50
760159Bi-Phase Makeup Removal Solution 125ml$290.00$145.00
760494Essential Toning Lotion 200ml$410.00$205.00
760524Express Makeup Removal Oil (Face+Eyes) 200ml$410.00$205.00
760630Shock Fluids PhotoAged Rec.$395.00$197.50
760654Shock Fluids SOS Stressage$395.00$197.50
760555Silky Skin Duo Pack$615.00$246.00
760792Magnif-Eye Int. Serum Lashes/Eye Brows$560.00$280.00

Perfect Forms

Specific products for each body need: hydration, hygiene, firmness…

910530Perfect Forms Freedom Legs Refreshed Lighter Legs 100ml$475.00$237.50
910769Perfect Forms SM-Peel Solution Stretch Mark Cream 200ml$880.00$440.00
910959Perfect Forms Amenities Shower Gel 40ml$50.00$25.00
911117Perfect Forms Gem Vital Prec. Stones Body Cream 200ml$685.00$342.50
911171Perfect Forms Elastific Hydro-Smooth Firming Milk 200ml$630.00$315.00
911346Perfect Forms Oil Phytocare Dreamy Legs 125ml$525.00$262.50
911612Perfect Forms Total Fit 200ml$850.00$425.00
911745Perfect Forms Rescue Feet Pack$1,880.00$752.00
911764Perfect Forms Stretch Mark Repair Treatment 75ml$450.00$225.00
911766Perfect Forms Prom. SM & Firming Power 250ml$695.00$347.50
911772Perfect Forms Define & Fit 24H Redu. Gel-Cream 200ml$575.00$287.50
911776Perfect Forms Total Fit Pack$1,010.00$404.00
913239Perfect Forms Hygienic Hands Pack$210.00$84.00