Excel Therapy Premier

Excel Therapy Premier is the luxury line of Germaine de Capuccini. A sublime anti-ageing care based on the revolutionary biotechnological ingredient that is the result of many years of research: Longevity-Guard -a combination of peptides extracted from rice with SIRT-Activating capacity- works as an activator of sirtuins in skin cells, in order to prolong their life and therefore delay global skin ageing.

In this way, through Excel Therapy Premier the skin has access to the most prized treasure: the proteins of longevity.

Excel Therapy Premier grows with THE CREAM GNG, a cosmetic jewel based on the revolutionary genomic science. It manages to reduce the age of skin cells thanks to GENAGE-CONFIDANT, a formula with multi-genic action that is born of the exploration of the cell to the intimacy of its genes to reverse the process of skin ageing.

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