Timexpert SRNS


Based on the Synchronised Regenerating Natural System the TIMEXPERT SRNS anti-ageing line from Germaine de Capuccini stimulates self-protection during the day thanks to its ZINC-GLYCINE COMPLEX* ingredient. During the night RC-ADVANCED** reactivates the cellular regenerating mechanisms.

*Zinc-Glycine Complex, ingredient awarded with the IFSCC prize (considered the Nobel prize of Cosmetics).
**RC-Advanced, exclusive ingredient from Germaine de Capuccini.

Germaine de Capuccini perfects the classical strategy of action of TIMEXPERT SRNS including in its anti-ageing technology the power of epigenetics: a new scientific discipline that makes possible what until today was unthinkable: to influence the behaviour of the genes to achieve their optimal performance.

TIMEXPERT SRNS is thus placed at the vanguard of cosmetic science; on the frontier between present and future.