560875 – T C+(AGE)GDC CHRIS CR 50 (ELIXIR 15ML)

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For you to show your most youthful and radiant appearance, this TIMEXPERT collection

TIMEXPERT RIDES: Absolute Nourishment Elixir + TIMEXPERT C+ AGE Multi-Correction Cream

  1. ABSOLUTE NOURISHMENT ELIXIR – 15-ml dossifier with pump
  • A luxurious treatment oil designed to firm and reduce wrinkles whilst proving the skin with intense rejuvenation and nourishment.
  1. TIMEXPERT C+ AGE Multi-Correction Cream: 50-ml
  • Sensation treatment with a powerful anti-oxidising action that associates the new “anti-glycation” action: inhibits and delays the formation of A.G.E., delaying skin ageing. A magnificent provision of firmness and suppleness that improves the colour, luminosity and hydration of the skin.

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