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B-CALM FACIAL – Expert Dermocosmetics For Sensitive Skin

B-CALM EXPERT DERMOCOSMETICS FOR SENSITVE SKIN Years of research and clinical trials have been essential for the launch of B-CALM, the expert dermocosmetic response for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is not [...]

CITYPROOF FACIAL – Intensive Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Programme Facial

THE ANTI-POLLUTION REINFORCEMENT FOR THE SKIN POLLUTION is, together with UV radiation, the first cause of ageing in urban environments. A terrible combination that generates a great amount of free [...]

PUREXPERT FACIAL – An Innovative Facial Hygiene

PUREXPERT EXPERT SKINCARE Purexpert from Germaine de Capuccini revolutionizes the concept of FACIAL HYGIENE, the classical treatment par excellence. Without cleansing there is no beauty. This is why from your [...]

TIMEXPERT C+ (A.G.E.) FACIAL – An Anti-Ageing Treatment for Firm and Luminous Skin

TIMEXPERT C+ (A.G.E) LUMINOSITY - FIRMNESS - YOUTHFULNESS Based on the latest research in anti-ageing treatments Germaine de Capuccini takes another step and combines the powerful anti-oxidising action of Vitamin [...]

TIMEXPERT LIFT (IN) – Firmness and Density Advanced Facial

Timexpert LIFT(IN) A NEW ERA IN LIFTING SKINCARE A new concept in the search for firmness that, emulating the surgical lifting, provides a global result from Three Vectors of Rejuvenation: [...]

TIMEXPERT RIDES NEO AGE FACIAL – Dynamic and Static Wrinkles Programme

TIMEXPERT RIDES - NEO AGE FACIAL Dynamic and Static Wrinkles Programme THE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME THAT SMOOTHES OUT THE SKIN Professional programme of facial rejuvenation that achieves smoother skin and a [...]

TIMEXPERT WHITE FACIAL – Anti-Ageing Treatment especially for skin with hyperpigmentation

TIMEXPERT WHITE - ADVANCED WHITENING TECHNOLOGYAnti-Ageing Treatment especially for skin with hyperpigmentation and dull skin.Stop hyperpigmentation with the Timexpert White Advanced Spot Correction Programme, the in-booth treatment that effectively minimises [...]

HYDRACURE FACIAL – Deep Hydration Facial

HYDRACURE DEEP HYDRATION FACIAL HYDRACURE is the first line of professional hydration that takes into account the skin type and the climate. Dehydration, even in youthful skin, is one of [...]

FOR MEN Facial

FOR MEN - HIGH-PERFORMANCE COSMETICS FOR HIMRevitalising, Detoxifying and Firming Facial TreatmentFOR MEN is Germaine de Capuccini’s cosmetic proposal for caring for, protecting and preserving the youthfulness of men’s skin. [...]

TIMEXPERT SRNS FACIAL – An effective, global and tailor-made answer for mature skin.

TIMEXPERT SRNS - ADVANCED GLOBAL ANTI-AGEING PROGRAMMEThe Advanced Global Anti-Ageing Programme offers an effective, global and tailor-made answer for mature skin.Based on the Natural Synchronised Regenerating System the TIMEXPERT SRNS [...]

TIMEXPERT RADIANCE C+ FACIAL – Antioxidant – Luminosity – Darkspot Correction

TIMEXPERT RADIANCE C+The Best Antioxidant with Pure Vitamin CAn innovative therapy that is performed following an original work method together with the groundbreaking accessory MASSAGE BALL, all aimed at achieving [...]

Timexpert Hydraluronic Facial – Moisturizing and Plumping Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid

HYDRATE AND PLUMP WITH TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC A new dimension of hydration is delivered to the skin by exclusive ingredient formulations plumping and adding volume. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is released to [...]