Dynamic and Static Wrinkles Programme


Professional programme of facial rejuvenation that achieves smoother skin and a more rested expression in record time.

NEO AGE combines its exclusive formula with an effective massage technique based on yoga facial and facial cupping that adds immediateness to the results and prolongs them in time.

TIMEXPERT RIDES fights all types of wrinkles: dynamic and static.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Determined by muscle mobility. Under the skin there are small muscles that contract and relax so we can express ourselves. The repetition of a gesture fixates an expression as a wrinkle. Up to a certain age folds appear and disappear depending on facial expressions, but the skin recovers its smooth appearance when the face stops showing emotions.

From the age of 20 begins the process of skin ageing, which produces a loss of suppleness. The skin takes more and more to recover its smooth appearance after each muscle contraction.

The age in which expression wrinkles appear, their amount and depth depend on each individual, their genetic profile, their lifestyle, but also how much they bend their eyebrows, they frown, they smile or squint. They appear in very precise places and perpendicular to the major axis of the muscle that produces it.

Static Wrinkles

They are due to the flaccidity of the skin and to gravity.

Throughout time the process of internal ageing, predetermined by our genes, together with oxidative stress of external origin, for example, by exposure to sunlight, begins to affect the appearance of the skin. A fatigue of the structures that make up the skin takes place and there is a reduction of the substances responsible for keeping it smooth, which contributes to the loss of skin density.

Static wrinkles are not influenced by facial expressions and are always visible. They appear at first as an ondulated skin texture and gradually become first lines and then more pronounced wrinkles as we age.


Price$1200per session

TTD $1,200.00

  • USD: $178.52
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Significant reduction of wrinkles. The face acquires a redensified appearance, deeply smoothed.


Volunteers’ opinions after 3 SESSIONS

Smoother Skin 100%
Denser Skin 87%
More Youthful Skin 97%
Fewer deep wrinkles 90%
Faded Wrinkles 100%
Some wrinkles have disappeared 43%

We asked the volunteers about the duration of the results

(after finishing the last session and without continuing with the application of AGE CURE and GLOBAL CREAM WRINKLES)

+1 week + 15 days +1 month
97% 70% 50%

Self-evaluation test carried out on 30 volunteers 43-73 years after three sessions of NEO AGE plus daily application of AGE CURE + GLOBAL CREAM WRINKLES