Based on the latest research in anti-ageing treatments Germaine de Capuccini takes another step and combines the powerful anti-oxidising action of Vitamin C+ with the “anti-glycation” technology.

Glycation is a slow and irreversible process that generates the A.G.E. (Advanced Glycation End Products) that accumulated on the skin accelerate the ageing process.

Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) works against the phenomenon of glycation on the skin thanks to its formula made up of Ume Extract, Vitamin C+ and active fragrance.

A magnificent provision of firmness and suppleness that improves the colour, luminosity and hydration of the skin.

Cosmetic Problem


Glycation occurs when an excess of glucose is combined with the collagen and elastin fibres and it sets off the formation of the end products of advanced glycation (A.G.E. Advanced Glycation End Products).

With age, the glycosylated proteins accumulate in the cells and end up destroying the support cushion of the skin formed by elastin and collagen. That is, glucose overlaps around the collagen and elastin fibres and with time they become rigid and can even break and lose their activity.

Skin glycation damages the collagen, reduces suppleness, makes tissues sag, forms wrinkles and alterations in the structure of the skin. As a consequence, it accelerates the process of skin ageing (flaccidity, darkspots, matt skin and lack of light).

Scientific evidence shows that glycation and A.G.E. molecules are the protagonists of skin ageing. These are promoted by oxidative stress and UV radiation.

First professional treatment that inhibits glycation.

It is the first professional anti-ageing treatment that counteracts the negative effects of skin glycation. Glycation acts on the skin, producing flaccidity, loss of firmness and visible ageing.

Results: the skin immediately recovers a spectacular youthfulness, appearing luminous, firm and redensified.


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